Friendship Pact with Sarezzo – Lombardia


Official site of the city of Sarezzo


The Friendship Agreement between Cervia and Sarezzo was signed in 2018.
Sarezzo is a town of 13,275 inhabitants the province of Brescia and is part of the mountain community of Valtrompia.
Friendly relationships between the two towns are united in the desire to create a common future of peace.
Both towns encourage, support and promote relations and exchanges in the economic, cultural, social, sporting and educational fields.
The link between the two cities comes from afar, when in 1960 a group of young people from the Parish of Sarezzo and then their families came on holiday to Cervia in a building on the Deledda seafront. The parish then purchased the building, to offer the opportunity to many families of Sarezzo with little money to spend their summer holidays by the sea.
Sarezzo has been participating in the international “Cervia Città Giardino” since 2019.

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