Pinzolo, Madonna di Campiglio and Tre Ville – Trentino Alto Adige


Official site of the city of Pinzolo and of Tre Ville

The Friendship Agreement between Cervia and Pinzolo – Madonna di Campiglio – Tre Ville was signed in 2017.
Pinzolo is a town of 3,052 inhabitants, while Tre Ville is a town of 1,418 inhabitants all in the autonomous province of Trento, in the upper Val Rendena.
The friendly relationships between the towns are united in the desire to create a common future of peace.
All the towns encourage, support and promote relationships and exchanges in the economic, tourist, cultural, social, sporting and educational fields.
For years the two tourist areas of excellence have both been characterized by a strong and deep-rooted culture of hospitality, attention to the quality of services and the accommodation offer and they collaborate in the activation of promotional projects and co-marketing initiatives.
They have also been participating for several years in the international event “Cervia Città Giardino”.

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