Friendship Pact with Formigine – Emilia Romagna


Official site of the city of Formigine

The friendship Agreement between Cervia and Formigine was signed in 2016.
Formigine is a municipality of 34,328 inhabitants in the province of Modena and it is part of the Union of Municipalities of the “Ceramico” District.
Friendly relationships between the two towns are united in the desire to create a common future of peace.
Both towns encourage, support and promote relationships and exchanges in the fields of culture, education, economics and sport.
Since 2016, Formigine has participated in the international event “Cervia Città Giardino”.
For years the two associations “Antichi Sapori di Romagna” of Pinarella and “Carnevale dei Ragazzi” of Formigine have been working together.

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