Friendship Agreement with Fiscaglia – Emilia Romagna


Official site of che city of Fiscaglia

The Friendship Agreement between Cervia and Fiscaglia was signed in 2016.
Fiscaglia is a municipality of 8,915 inhabitants in the province of Ferrara.
It was established on 1° January 2014 by the merger of the municipalities of Massa Fiscaglia, Migliarino and Migliaro.
Friendly relationships between the two towns are united in the desire to create a common future of peace.
Both towns encourage, support and promote relationships and exchanges in the fields of culture, voluntary work, economics and sport.
For several years the “Avis” Associations of Fiscaglia and Cervia have been collaborating thanks to the event “Festa sociale Avis” planned in Fiscaglia and to the “Festa del Volontariato” planned in Cervia.
In 2018, after the establishment of “Destinazione Romagna”, an institution for the enhancement of the territory of the Adriatic coast, the company “Zironi & C.” of Fiscaglia decided to transfer this new dimension of union in a product, “Il Valentino”, salami made with Cervia sweet salt.

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