The “Cervia Città Amica” project consolidates relationships between cities of Europe that create opportunities for the citizens of Cervia and its friendly cities.


Active opportunities:


Filed opportunities:

CinemaSuono festival voluntary selection: Andrea Rossi was selected as a CinemaSuono volunteer, who helped to organize the festival in Cervia during the three evenings of July, and in return he participated free of charge in the transfer to Aalen held between 13 and 16 September: the festival, in fact, provided that the films screened in Cervia w2ere transported to friendly cities and that they were set to music also there. The volunteer could then choose which twin town to go among Aalen, Aigues Mortes and La Baule.

Internship in La Baule: the student Alice Marzelli was a guest, between the 29th of June and the 31st of July, at a family in the city twinned with Cervia, where she met many other young people from around the world, gathered there to share the dream of a New Europe. The initiative was made possible by the contribution of the association “Lions Club Cervia Ad Novas”, which donated a scholarship of 500 euros to Alice, and the “Lions Club de France”, which paid for the transfer between Paris and La Baule, as well as the openness of our French friends who took charge of the costs of board and lodging.